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We believe small choices make a big difference.

And it starts with transparency. 



We have partnered with small farms to work alongside the producer, paying well above fair trade market standards for our coffee. Why? It's important to us that each member in our limited supply chain receives just compensation for their hard work. 
By working directly with the producers themselves, we're able to cut out the middle-man, or coffee 'coyote' as it's said. This allows us to pay producers well, while still offering high quality, fresh coffee to our customers at a nice price point.  
This relationship with our producers is paramount to us, that's why we make 4-5 visits during the year to connect with our small farmers. This relationship is one we feel important to maintain over the years. It provides a sense of stability, allowing our partners to rest assured that their crops will be purchased after each harvest. We are thrilled to offer our customers a chance to partake in this experience and meet the partners who make up the Odysea family by traveling to the origin. Click the button below for more information.




70% of our coffee offering was purchased with full traceability from small producers. Essentially, this means that we can trace this coffee to its exact origin, while knowing exactly how much the producer received in compensation. 
Our goal for next year's coffee purchase is to raise that percentage to 100; that is our promise to transparency. When you buy coffee from Odysea, you are actively participating in supporting small farmers and helping us reach our goal of 100% transparency for the coming years.

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