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Meet Odysea: the story behind the brand.

Our story


Odysea is formed by a multicultural group of people brought together by their love of coffee and desire to ensure a fair wage for small producers in the vast coffee industry.

Growing up in Honduras, some of co-founder Francisco Galeano's first memories are from his grandfather's coffee farm. It was then that his love of coffee formed—not just the drink, but the culture surrounding it. ​He went on to open one of Honduras' first specialty coffee shops with his family, who themselves now own their own coffee farm. Coffee is part of his heritage.

Gabrielle Duba, co-founder and Francisco's partner, grew to love the culture surrounding coffee during her years living in Honduras. The landscape of coffee and those who cultivated and prepared it captured her interest as she experienced it alongside Francisco.

The journey started when Francisco and Gabrielle moved from Honduras to Bristol, New Hampshire, Gabrielle's childhood hometown, with the dream of conveying their love of coffee and its culture. Odysea is a blend of two extended families, two cultures, two languages—all brought together by the vision to tell the full story behind each bean, building relationships along the way. 



We have sourced our selection of coffee beans from the heart of Central America. Ranking in 6th place despite its small geographical size, Honduras has been recognized world-wide as among the top coffee producing countries. Although late to the coffee game, in recent years there has been an increased demand for beans from this beautiful, Central American country.

The majority of coffee grown in Honduras comes from small, mountain-farms or micro-lots. Each farm has its own distinct micro-climate, which allows for diverse coffee profiles to emerge. With the perfect climate to cultivate a wide variety of coffee plants, the flavor possibilities are endless. 




We value not only the end product, but the odyssey each bean takes from the origin to your home. We offer our customers the opportunity to meet the dedicated farmers who make all of this possible; an experience that will change the way you view your next cup of coffee.

Experience first-hand all that goes into cultivating, preparing, and processing coffee beans, while enjoying full immersion into the culture and landscape surrounding it. 

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